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I hope you update again soon! This is one of my favorite blogs :)

Thank you! I hope to update it a little bit more often. Us owners have been hella busy but we’ll try our best!

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I adore this blog. For serious. Thank you for making it exist.

Thank YOU for adoring this blog. Without you people, it wouldn’t exist.

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Your memes make me happy and your gifs make me dance. They also cause me to procrastinate. YAY!

Love, Kamu. :D

Awww, thank you, Kamu! Your kind comment makes me dance as well.

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Are we allowed to request?

More Firefly, plz?

I’m going to be rewatching Firefly soonish, so I will make sure to take notes of whatever I might use for these memes! You can always submit ideas / memes, of course!


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I don't understand the Joan one

It’s from the episode Tabula Rasa, when they all lose their memories.

DAWN: So you don’t have a name?

BUFFY: Of course I do. I just don’t happen to know it.

DAWN: You want me to name you?

BUFFY: That’s sweet, but I think I’ll name myself. I’ll name me… Joan.

DAWN: Ugh!

BUFFY: What? Why did you ‘ugh’ my name?

DAWN: I didn’t! It’s just so… blarg. ‘Joan’?

BUFFY: I like it. I feel like a Joan.

If you still need help, y’might wanna Wiki search Joan of Arc. ;D